• Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

Bronze Award

  • The bronze award forms the basis for the entire Catwyse programme by covering the essential knowledge every cat owner needs. Starting from the beginning we look at the domestic cat as a species – how it evolved and came to live with humans, as well as what makes it so unique. You’ll discover a fascinating insight into your cat’s physiology to help you understand them better.
  • Next we guide you through the journey from choosing a cat, taking on a pedigree cat or rehoming a rescue cat, and introducing them to their new home. We then progress through the fundamental aspects of good cat care – the essentials of nutrition, healthcare, keeping them safe, handling and socialisation and grooming.
  • At the end of the Bronze award you can bear your certificate with pride, in the knowledge that you have mastered the essentials of responsible cat ownership. And you’ll be keen to continue your journey to learn more about your feline companion!

Silver Award

  • The Silver Award will give you a more thorough understanding of our cat’s characteristics and needs. We focus on behaviour, and respect for our cats’ species-specific needs to help keep them happy. We look at the importance of choosing the right nutrition and how to get the best from their diet by understanding their feeding behaviour. The importance of neutering and understanding the procedure itself is examined, and we highlight the all too common problem of obesity and how to prevent it.
  • At this level we also start to look at your cat’s health, and common problems. We explain how to monitor your cat’s health, and care for them when they are ill. Skin, digestive and dental health are all covered in more detail too.
  • A detailed look at the options available for holiday care will help you make the right choices for your cat’s needs, and we look at caring for an older cat too, to help you adapt to your cat’s changing needs. A module on cat fancy introduces the Catwyse owner to the wider world of cat appreciation .


Gold Award

  • At the Gold level, the aim is to truly understand the cat and our relationship with them, and become an ambassador for responsible and respectful cat ownership. We will look at more complex subjects such as the cat in society and the human-cat bond. Nutritional knowledge is taken further to understand how diet can be adapted to individual needs and the role of nutrition in supporting optimum health and condition.
  • Behaviour is taken further, going through some common behavioural issues, and even how to train your cat.
  • We help you understand your cat’s health and physiology in more detail too, looking at different areas for concern, and a module on basic first aid too.